Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage Solutions – Entrepôt-Logistique

Entrepot-Logistique offers a wide range of long term storage solutions that make warehousing your products easier and more cost efficient. Long term storage costs far exceed the usual cost of warehousing for most businesses. However, we are looking to change that.

Entrepot-Logistique offers less expensive long term storage due to the fact that we are located just outside of Montreal. With customizable options, we are able to perfectly meet the needs of our customers in terms of storage needs and pricing. We offer over 150,000 square feet of storage space as well as a host of other warehousing services that bring value added services making Entrepot-Logistique one of the leading and most affordable warehousing solutions in the greater Montreal area.

Some of the services that accompany our long term storage services include:

– Long term pallet storage
– Drive in pallet storage or open floor pallet storage

- Designated areas for the storage of oversized products and delicate products
– Storage areas with additional security
– Controlled access
– High technology inventory control and tracking systems
– Individualized handling services

- Customized pallet in and pallet out service

Specialized handling solutions for oversized products and/or pallets as well as delicate product handling solutions.

– Individualized order picking/packing solutions
– Client delivery appointment setting
– And so much more…

All of the employees at Entrepot-Logistique have extensive training and are required to follow a strict set of procedures to ensure that your products are handled and stored in a manner that ensures no damage will be caused to your products over the term of their stay. This becomes is especially important when dealing with longer storage periods. The temperature of our warehouse is set to deliver the right temperatures and humidity level required for proper extended storage periods of your products, for specific temperature request please contact us with your requirements. Lastly, we strive to ensure that our facilities remain pest-free, ensuring that your products will be safe from damage no matter how long they are stored with us.

Entrepot-Logistique is a long term storage specialist. We work hard to ensure that we not only provide you with the best long term warehousing solutions for your storage needs, but also strive to be the most cost efficient. Finding a cheap long term storage facility can be a daunting task, but you can rest assured that you will not find a better, most cost effective long term storage facility in greater Montreal than Entrepot-Logistique.

For more information regarding our warehousing rates and solutions, please feel free to contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members to discuss your unique needs and how we can customize your long term storage solutions to meet your specific needs.