Warehouse Rental

Entrepôt-Logistique offers quality warehouse for rent for less

When was the last time you actually look a look at how much you were paying for your warehouse space? Odds are, it’s been awhile. With all of the other things you are in charge of, thinking about how much your warehouse rental costs aren’t something that is likely to find itself high up on your priority list. However, it should be.

Warehouse Rental Cost

There are many warehouse companies that charge a fortune for their warehouse rental services. Most offer flat rate pricing that often results in customers paying for much more space than they need. In addition, they don’t offer many of the services that you need to ensure a better, more efficient daily operation. Entrepôt-Logistique does. We provide custom, flexible pricing solutions for each customer to ensure that you are only paying for the space and services you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Warehouse Rental

Entrepôt-Logistique is the leading storage space rental company in Montreal. They offer quality warehouse space for rent for much less than the competition. At Entrepôt-Logistique, their warehouse space is clean and offers a significant amount of vertical clearance. This allows you the ability to save money on warehouse real estate because you can store up rather than out. In addition, you will enjoy cutting edge technology when it comes to inventory tracking. Entrepôt-Logistique uses an RF based inventory tracking solution that allows them to track your merchandise from unload to delivery in real time. You always have an accurate count and will always have the peace of mind in knowing that your customers are getting their products on time, every time.Entrepôt-Logistique also offers many loading docks that you can use for a variety of trucking and other shipping solutions. And these are just some of the things that makes Entrepôt-Logistique one of the best warehousing companies to work with in Montreal.